bathroom remodeling
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Bathroom remodeling

looking to simply update or modernize your bathroom?

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We can transform your bathroom into the cool, relaxing space you desire without necessarily exhausting your budget. The truth is that there are so many bathroom remodeling ideas that you can try out without creating a hole in your pocket.

The first thing you should do is determine how much you can afford to spend on the whole remodel process, as this will, to a large extent determine the depth of redesign that your bathroom gets.

Here at MM Builders, we can help you get the perfect bathroom remodeling that will suit your interest. By contacting us, you can be guaranteed that we will get your bathroom looking all fly without demanding much from you.

How to save money in bathroom remodeling?

Limit Your Tiles

It’s not a myth that tiles can easily get expensive, especially when a contractor is hired to help with laying it all out. You can, however, save money by limiting the number of tiles that you will use in the redesign.

As a rule of thumb, most people advise that you focus your tile installation on high-impact areas like the floor. Alternatively, you can run the tiles across one horizontal strip of the wall using paint to design the rest.


If you are working on a very tight budget, then perhaps, your cheapest bet is repainting. This is the most effective way to bring a new look to your bathroom.

Please note, however, that this would take more than you assume. Indeed, the bathroom is often the smallest room in the home; the level of care that’s needed to paint the sink, mirror, toilet, and switch plate areas makes it time-consuming. This generally means a lot of patience, so make sure that you create enough time for it when planning your bathroom renovation.

Update Fixtures

Remember that the little details matter a lot when it comes to general home design. Updating your fixtures would undoubtedly give a new look to your bathroom. You can start with light fixtures like the towel racks, sink faucets, and drawer pulls. These items may seem pretty insignificant, but they make a big difference when updated.

Thankfully, there are sites today where you can get these things at cheap rate. So, you don’t need to go round the market in the search anymore.

Redo, Rather Than Buy New

Replacing some of your bathroom fixtures can cost a lot. Choose instead, to have it professionally reclined, because it is mostly cheaper that way.

Note, however, that this should not be done on sink and shower fixtures, since refinishing those costs more than replacing them.

There you have it, bathroom remodeling ideas that would bring a beautiful touch to your bathroom — still confused about what to do? Contact us to deliver the professional touch to your bathroom design on a budget.


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